Our Approach

We are about working with our clients to ensure they have all the tools necessary to push their business forward, create more turnover, more profit ... and ultimately more time to spend away from the business.

Our Story

I have over 25 years experience of marketing and administrative management with small and medium sized business, I have also worked with business consultants, so I know what can turn people away from working with them ... but I am not like those ... I will tell you the truth, without using all the 'blue sky thinking' mumbo jumbo!

Meet the Team

Well this will be short and sweet ...


Patrick Sanford

I am RedBox Business!  I just want to help other business owners to make the most out of their business, while freeing up their time.

Next Steps...

To find out how we (or rather I) can help you, please just drop me a line with the sort of areas I can help and we can have a conversation about how I can help.